Occasional Papers

All the Launceston Historical Society Occasional Papers are out of print. Copies are available to read, photocopy or scan at the Launceston LINC, Civic Square.

 Volume 1, 1993 – OUT OF PRINT

Paul Brunton 
…..  The Mutiny on HMS Bounty
Sir Raymond Ferrall 
…..  History of the Tamar River
Sir Phillip Bennett 
…..  Government Houses of Tasmania
Dr Stefan Petrow 
…..  The Launceston Mechanics’ Institute 1842 – 1971
Kevin Green 
…..  A Superior Class of Immigrant:  The Launceston and St Andrews Immigration Societies and the Immigrants they introduced to Tasmania


Sheila Burchill 
…..  Edward Ackerman
Anne Bartlett 
…..  John Dell and the founding of Launceston
Dr Eric Ratcliff 
…..  A Permanent Advantage
Lorraine Macknight 
…..  Launceston and All
Marion Dowsett 
…..  Field Trip, Sunday 12 February
Stefan Petrow 
…..  The best governed city in Australia
Bruce Scott 
…..  Jackson’s Lock and Brass Works

 VOLUME 3, 1996 – Remembering the 1939-1945 War – OUT OF PRINT

Barbara Briggs 
…..  An Italian prisoner of war on her family farm in North West Tasmania
Peter Webb 
…..  The bombing of Darwin – a personal memoir
Jean Wiberg 
…..  A fabric-worker in the WAAAF at Western Junction, 1942 – 1945
Ernst Kropf 
…..  A German in an Enemy Alien Camp in South Australia
Shirley Thomas 
…..  Childhood memories of Malta during the bombing of the island
Adye Rockliff
…..  Service in the Middle East, 1941
Caryl Woof 
…..  A child in Britain during the war
John Kolkert 
…..  Just another bl….Aussie

 VOLUME 4, 1997 – 150 Years of Anasthesia – OUT OF PRINT