Launceston History Walks

Launceston City Walk

The second Cya On The Road walk designed by the Launceston Historical Society can be downloaded for free: Launceston City Walk – Cya On The Road

From Albert to Victoria: A Walk Along Historic Cameron Street, Launceston.

The Cya On The Road app Launceston: A Walk Along Historic Cameron Street is free to download on your smartphone. Scroll through the Inspire website for more Australian historic walks.

A flyer produced in conjunction with the Launceston Historical Society’s walk along Cameron Street on Sunday 19 May 2013 can be downloaded here as a pdf for private use only: Albert to Victoria

Photographs of Cameron Street can be seen on the Launceston Historical Society’s Historypin page.

Monuments and Monkeys: A walk in historic City Park, Launceston

The Launceston Historical Society conducted a walk in City Park in May 2014. Here are two flyers produced for the walk, giving some brief information on the history of the ‘People’s Park’ for private use only:

Monuments and Monkeys flyer p. 1       Monuments and Monkeys flyer p. 2

Education, Flagellation and Recreation: A Walking Tour of Royal Park

A timeline of the LHS walk in the Royal Park precinct on Sunday 21 May 2017 can be downloaded here as a pdf for private use only: Royal Park Walk