Papers and Proceedings

All Launceston Historical Society ‘Papers and Proceedings’ are out of print.

They can be read, photocopied or scanned at the Launceston LINC (library), Civic Square. Some are available to read online – see below.

The ‘Papers and Proceedings’ published for 2011 are the final ones that the Society has produced.

# denotes ‘The Examiner – John West Memorial Lecture

1989 – Vol. 1, OUT OF PRINT

#   Professor Henry Reynolds, Tasmania’s Forgotten Treaty

Symposium: ‘Launceston and the 1840s’

G Hawley Stancombe, Commerce in Launceston in 1842
Michael Roe, Glimpses of Ideology, John West’s pamphlets
Eric Ratcliff, The Town in 1842
Wayne Shipp, Early History of the Port of Launceston
Patricia Ratcliff, Some Colonial Pressmen
Michael Courtney, The First Newspapers

1990 – Vol. 2, OUT OF PRINT

#   Professor Manning Clark AC, The Writing of Australian History

Symposium: ‘Fun and Games in Launceston’

Mollie Hildyard, Thinking as a child: Recreation in an earlier Launceston
Rick Smith,  John Arthur and George Bailey – A tale of two cricketers
Peter and Gwenda Webb, Fun and games in the City Park
Dennis Hodgkinson, Launceston Pubs
Jenny Gill, Diary of a Launceston gentlewoman
Stewart Chapple, Launceston cricket looks back
Jack Branagan, The sport of skiing in Northern Tasmania

1991 – Vol. 3, OUT OF PRINT

#   Daniel Thomas, AM, Tasmania’s Contribution to the Advances of Art and Taste

Seminar: ‘Northern Tasmania 1891’

Ursula Smith, Devonport in 1891
Jack Bentley, Primary Industries: The District of Wynyard 1891
Jillian Koshin, Transport and Employment in Launceston 1891
Don Elmer, Latrobe 1891
Sue Walden, Chinese in the North-East
Evelyne Vadasz, Tasmanian Exhibition 1891

1992 – Vol. 4, OUT OF PRINT

#   Professor Michael Roe with Dr Dan Huon and Dr Alison Alexander,  Launceston Examined: A city and its Newspaper 1842-1992

Seminar: ’20th Century Launceston from the Perspective of The Examiner’

Marion Dowsett, The Changing Face of the City
Margaret Todd, Three Epidemics – 1903-1938
Miranda Morris, Women in the Workforce between the Two World Wars
Lark Bushby, Launceston Flood, April 1929 and Its Effect on the People of Inveresk
Caryl Woof, Launceston 1952 and 1992

1993 – Vol. 5, OUT OF PRINT

#   Dr Marilyn Lake, Gender and History: Lady Franklin and the Masculinity of Self-Government

Seminar: ‘Towns of the Norfolk Plains Area’

G Hawley Stancombe, Perth
Di Sullivan, Evandale
Keith Kennedy-Tyson, W P Weston (Longford)
Leila Frankcombe, Cressy
Virginia Greenhill, Westbury

1994 – Vol. 6, OUT OF PRINT

#   Professor Patricia Grimshaw, Writing the History of Aboriginal and White Women in Colonial Tasmania

Seminar: ‘Family and History in Tasmania’

Margaret Clare & Jillian Koshin, Origins of a 19th century first generation Tasmanian family
Thelma Grunnell, Everyone has one
Shirley Jensen, International Year of the Family: 1994
Karlena Lockett, My family begins with me
Jill Cassidy, Discovering your family through oral history

1995 – Vol. 7, OUT OF PRINT

 #   The Hon. Justice Michael D Kirby AC, CMG, John West, Nationhood and the new Milleneum

Seminar: ‘The Role of Northern Tasmania in the Move Towards Federation’

Marion Dowsett, Prelude to Federation
Patricia Ratcliff, John West and editors’ perceptions
Jillian Koshin, Patriotism in Northern Tasmania c.1890-1914
Sheila Burchill, The public face of Federation in Northern Tasmania

 1996 – Vol. 8, OUT OF PRINT

#   Sister Veronica Brady PhD (Toronto), “To Set the People Free”; Conviction and Conscience. John West at the end of the Twentieth Century

Symposium: ‘Religious Diversity in Northern Tasmania’

Mary & Joyce Padman, The Uniting Church and its Antecedents
Anne Maskell, Origins and Development of the Christian Brethren on the North-West Coast of Tasmania
Beth Sandor, The History of the Launceston Jewish Community
Rowland B Ralph, The Chinese Vestry

 1997 – Vol. 9, OUT OF PRINT

#   Clement Mulcahy, Chairman, Royal Western Australian Historical Society, Sectarianism – a blessing or a curse! Does Tasmania have a Cromwellian Legacy?

Symposium: ‘The Importance of Prince’s Square to the City of Launceston in the Nineteenth Century’

Sheila Burchill, From Clay-Pit to a Prince’s Square
Jenny Gill, St John’s Church
Barbara Valentine, Owners and Occupiers: Properties facing Prince’s Square
Stewart Chapple, People and Politics of the Square
Lionel Morrell, The Architecture & National Significance of the Square
Peter Webb, Three Remarkable Clergymen: Reverend William Law, Reverend James Lindsay and Canon Marcus Brownrigg

 1998 – Vol. 10, OUT OF PRINT

#   Mr John Lyons, Editor of The Sydney Morning Herald,  Media at the Crossroads

Symposium: ‘Ships, Sailors and the Tamar’

Peter Mercer, Sea, Sun and Sextant: The European discovery, exploration and charting of Australian and Tasmanian waters and making them safe for navigation.
Sir Raymond Ferrall, History of the River Tamar and the Port of Launceston
J K Edwards, Some Aspects of the More Recent History of the River Tamar and the Port of Launceston
Captain Charles Black, Spillcon 1996: Iron Baron Case Study
Gwenda M Webb, The East Arm Soldier Settlers 1829-1845

 1999 – Vol. 11, OUT OF PRINT

#   Professor A G L Shaw, AO,  John West’s Tasmania

Symposium: ‘Tasmanian Aborigines: Past & Present’

Robin Sim, Prehistoric Human Occupation in the Furneaux Region, Bass Strait
Peter C Sims, Thirty years recording Aboriginal sites in Tasmania
Dr Eric Ratcliff, Wybalenna: From Conciliation to Reconciliation
Sarah Taylor, Tasmanian Aboriginal Identity: The Controversy Uncovered
John Taylor, The Tasmanian Languages

 2000 – Vol. 12, OUT OF PRINT

#   The Honorable Sir Guy Green, AC, KBE, Governor of Tasmania, Constitutionalism and the Two Cultures

Symposium: ‘Aspects of Tasmania in the Twentieth Century: Developments in the Professions’

Peter Brooker, Tasmanian Education in the Twentieth Century
Jack Dunn, Recollections of a Launceston Monumental Mason and Funeral Director
Dr John Morris, Changes in Fifty Years of Medicine
Peter Richardson, Launceston’s Librarians: a Century of Change and Continuity
John Wilson, The Legal Profession in Launceston 1900 to 2000

2001 – Vol. 13, OUT OF PRINT

#   Professor Geoffrey Blainey, AO,  How Six Became One: the Strange Story of the Birth of the Commonwealth

Symposium: ‘Federation’

Sheila Burchill, Reflections on Celebrations in Launceston at the time of Federation
Dr Richard Ely, The Life and Work of Andrew Inglis Clark (1848-1907)
Prof. Michael Roe, In a State: Tasmania’s Polity under Federal Pressure 1901-4
Gwenda M Webb, The First Members from Tasmania Elected to the First Federal Parliament

 2002 – Vol. 14, OUT OF PRINT

#   Associate Professor Janet McCalman,  By way of Blessington: family histories, Aborigines, convicts and colonial officials

Symposium: ‘Launceston Charitable Institutions and the Needy’

Anne Bartlett, John Tevelein and the Launceston Benevolent Society                             Andrew Piper, Emancipists, destitution & infirmity: the role of the Cornwall Hospital
Barbara Valentine, Launceston City Mission                                                                 D J (Don) Beasley, The Salvation Army: Benevolence through the Years
Pat O’Halloran, Some Facets of the History of the Society of St Vincent de Paul in Launceston during the Presidency of J V Sullivan, 1899-1937

 2003 – Vol. 15, OUT OF PRINT

#   Professor Stuart Macintyre, ‘The slavish violence of mere servants of the people’: John West and the problem of responsible government

Symposium: ‘150 Years of Launceston Town Council’

Prof. Michael Roe, Glimpses of early assertion of Launceston’s identity, culminating in the first municipal elections
Dr Stefan Petrow, A Municipal Heaven: Launceston 1870 to 1914
Gwenda M Webb, Launceston’s First Aldermen
Stewart  Chapple, Launceston Mayors I have Known
Dorothy Rosemann, Town Clerks of Launceston 1853-1983
Eric Ratcliff, Launceston Town Hall
Dr Jillian Koshin, Chronology of 150 Years of Local Government in Launceston

2004 – Vol. 16, OUT OF PRINT

#   Mr Paul Brunton,  The Voyages of Abel Tasman 1642-44

Symposium: ‘Portraits of Port Dalrymple’

Dr Shayne Breen, The Tamar as Aboriginal Country
Phillip Tardif, Bowen’s child, Meehan’s Weakness,and the Risdon Settlers who came to Port Dalrymple
John Dent, Surveying Our Past: Exploration of Port Dalrymple 1798-1811
Diane Phillips, Early Settlement on the Tamar
Dr Hamish Maxwell-Stewart, Convicts

2005 – Vol. 17, OUT OF PRINT

#   Professor Tim Bonyhady, Louisa’s Legacy: An Appreciation of Tasmania’s First Environmental Activist

Symposium: ‘Northern Tasmanians and the Sciences’

Lynn Blackwood, Ronald Campbell Gunn                                                                         Jill Cassidy, Inventing Northern Tasmania                                                                         Rhonda Hamilton, HH and EOG Scott – Two Amazing  Museum Men                             Paul Richards, Medicine & Scientific Endeavour 1850-1950: From Anaesthesia to Pencillin

2006 – Vol. 18, OUT OF PRINT

#   Dr Hamish Maxwell-Stewart, Unutterable: Imagining Macquarie Harbour Penal Station

Symposium: ‘It’s a Busy Place: Launceston from Settlement to City’

John Dent, Launceston’s First Buildings 1805-1808
Anne Green, Progress: but with Prudence or Perseverance? Launceston’s growth and development during the nineteenth century
Jill Cassidy, Launceston’s Flour Mills
Jai Paterson, A very brief overview of Launceston’s Breweries
Peter Cox, Shipping and the Port of Launceston: The First Century
Nic Haygarth, Mining comes to town: the Mount Bischoff Tin Mining Company Smelter and the tin trade
Jillian Koshin, Not without hard labour and ‘hands blistered’: The labour force and working conditions in colonial Launceston                                                                         Stefan Petrow, Boom, Slump and Bust: Banks in Nineteenth Century Launceston

2007 – Vol. 19, OUT OF PRINT

#  Dr Michael Vertigan, Investment in Education – a key to Australia’s future prosperity

Symposium: ‘Rural Life in Northern Tasmania’

 Bill Dent, Country Dances                                                                                          Ivan Heazlewood, On the end of the Halter                                                                Nic Haygarth, Beguiling the backblocks: travelling entertainers in rural northern  Tasmania during the Victorian era                                                                                John Morris, Iris Meek and John Walker, Panel discussion: What it was like growing  up in rural Tasmania

2008 – Vol. 20, AVAILABLE ONLINE

#  Professor Henry Reynolds, What now for the Black-Arm Band? Aboriginal history after the apology Available online

Symposium: ‘Industrial Heritage in Northern Tasmania’

Prof. Miles Lewis, The Architecture of Industry                                                               Linda Clark, Chinese Miners at Greenstone Creek and Sir Garnet Creek Chinese Tin Mining Camps                                                                                                              Denise GaughwinIn the Back Blocks? Historical sites in Tasmania’s wood production forests                                                                                                                              Dr Charles Fahey, Land of the Black Stump                                                                  Ken Hose, Water Supply and Sewerage for Launceston

2009 – Vol. 21, AVAILABLE ONLINE

#  Phillip Adams, The End of the World? Or The Birth of a Better One?      Available online

Symposium: ‘Nonconformists in Northern Tasmania’

Prof. Michael Bennett, Quaker Missions in Launceston and Northern Tasmania          Dr Eric Ratcliff, From Chapel to Church: Nonconformist Building in Launceston         Dr Anne Bailey, The Spiritual Diary of a Colonial Launceston Wesleyan Methodist, Henry Jennings                                                                                                              Elisabeth Wilson, “Ineffable impudence”? Christian Brethren Missionaries in Northern Tasmania                                                                                                                            Laurie Rowston, The Life of Samuel Cozens

2010 – Vol. 22, AVAILABLE ONLINE

#  Professor Tim Flannery, The CPRS (Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme) Is it right for Australia?  Available online

Symposium: ‘Tasmanian Women and War’

Dr Jillian Koshin, Women, war effort and knitting for the ANZAC Legend         Julianne Richards, The Diary of Elsie Tranter, 1916-1919                                          Billie Pearce, The Australian Women’s Land Army in Tasmania 1940-1945                    Anne Bartlett, Of Men and Money: The Home Front in Circular Head                              Jenny Gill, Jessie Elizabeth Simons – Launceston’s only female POW

2011 – Vol. 23, AVAILABLE ONLINE

#  Professor Cassandra Pybus, The colourful life of Gilbert Robertson      Available online

Symposium: ‘The Indian connection with Tasmania’

Dr James Broadbent, Decorative arts: The Indian connection with Tasmania            Linda Clark, ‘Sydney Cove’ and the Indian connection                                                  Lionel Morrell, The influence of India on colonial Tasmanian architecture and artefacts  Dr Marian Walker, Sanatorium of India: Climate and tourism in 19th and early 20th Century Tasmania                                                                                                             Dr Nic Haygarth, Theophilus Jones: Tasmania through Anglo-Indian eyes in the 1880s and 1890s                                                                                                               Emeritus Professor Paul Edwards, Mars, Mammon and Venus in British India: Tasmanian family connections